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Sikh History
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A Short History Of The Sikhs Volume 1

The material is mainly from the original sources, and second hand or later authorities are quoted o­nly in support of earlier o­nes.

£ 5.95

Community Kitchen of the Sikhs

Learn about the history, philosophy and the working of this institution in all the places where the Sikh communities reside, merits the notice by all other communities. It is a gift of the Sikh Guru not to the Sikhs alone, but to the entire world. The Langar, which is how the pangat is more popularly known, is an institution where divinely inspired service of mankind is practiced unremittingly.

£ 3.95

Contesting Interpretations of The Sikh Tradition
This book is seasoned historian attempts to resolve a bitter international debate that has raged in Sikh studies for over a decade. With a deep commitment to the discipline of history and a genuine appreciation for the Sikh tradition, Professor J.S.Grewal presents a historiographical treat which becomes at the same time the first introduction of its kind to the Sikh tradition itself.
£ 19.95

Fighter For Freedom
Maharaja Duleep Singh

History, by and large, has painted Maharaja Duleep Singh as a thorough English country gentleman of his times, living beyond his means and incurring debts in consequence.

Living in London after his exile to England, he spent most of his youth in his favourite pastimes such as fencing, hawking, hunting and shooting.

£ 6.95

Forts,Palaces and Havelis of Panjab

Panjab, literally the Land of Five Rivers, has been the cradle of the world’s oldest civilization dating back to 2500 BC. It was o­n this land that the oldest scripture of the world, the Rigveda...

...was written and some of the best centres of learning developed. It was also in Panjab that some of the epic battles, including that of Mahabharat, were fought. Because of its geographical location, Panjab has been the gateway to all invaders entering through the North-West Frontier. It was because of the frequent invasions and conflict over possessions of territories that some sort of regular armies came into existence, which necessitated building of forts for protection of the Kings and their armies in the time of crisis.
Most of the important forts in Panjab lost their strategic and military importance with the British occupation of Panjab and sea routes replacing the traditional land routes through North-West Frontier. As a result of independence of India and merger of princely states with the Indian Union, these chiefs of princely India suddenly lost their glory and grandeur. While some of the palaces, like the Jagatjit Palace, Kapurthala, and the Motibagh Palace, Patiala, were converted into Sainik School and National Institute of Sports, some others being used as police training centers and government offices, with the result that their maintenance and upkeep has gone to the back seat.

Through pictures and narration, an attempt has been made to provide a glimpse of the endangered heritage of Panjab and create the needed awareness for conversation.

Apart from the well built and decorated residential chambers in most of the forts, the rulers of erstwhile princely states of Panjab also built huge palaces. Patiala and Kapurthala remained foremost in this respect. The rulers of Nabha, Jind, Malerkotla, Kalsia, Sangrur and Faridkot also built palaces for their use. Their nobles built beautiful mansions which were called havelis. While most of the havelis have been destroyed or replaced by modern structures, some of them, which have survived, give us an idea of the glory and grandeur of the feudal rule in Panjab and of the kind of artwork which then prevailed.

£ 9.95

Hardinge Papers Relating to Punjab
Hadinge Papers relating to Punjab edited by Dr Kiroal Singh is a welcome addition to the exsisting studies in history of Punjab. it explores the records the enriches the source material that play significant role in constructing an objective profile of History.

A study of private letters of English rulers during their tenures in India.his book brings into focus the important information which is not available elsewhere..

£ 4.95

Historical Perspectives On Sikh Identity
This book presents a comprehensive, clear and masterly exposition of Sikh Identity bringing into high relief the views of the author in relation to the approach of four other scholars to this sensitive issue.
£ 5.95

History of Punjabi Literature

For centuries Punjab has remained a gateway to India, through which various races and invaders entered from time to time and spread throughout the countery...

£ 4.50

History of The Punjab
In the whole of India's great empire the British rule was recieved with more than genuine satisfaction than in the country of the five rivers.

With a manly and calm resignation, the disciples of Gobind beaten in a fair fight, cheerfully submitted to their conquerers.

£ 13.00

History of The Sikhs

History of the Sikhs is a five volume survey dealing with all aspects - religions, philosopical, political, military, social, economic and cultural, and the contribution of Sikhism to world civilzation, in particular to human rights.

£ 84.95
Page No : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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